Update site for Horizons Crafting Calculator

HCC Installation

First, we would like to thank the Reclamation Guild of Unity for the creation of this wonderful product. All files and edits are made with permission from the lead Developer, Arcat. You may drop him and his team a personal thank you at the Reclamations’s HCC support site. Installation of the HCC is a quick and simple process.
  1. Download HCC Version 2.3
  2. Start HCC and update via the Live Update —Click on Live Update —Click Check for Updates —Click Start Download
  3. Wait until Update is finished, then close out of HCC
  4. Right click  New Update Config File  and select Save As
  5. Save file in your HHC install folder (default is Program Files/HCC2) —It will overwrite your old one. This is OK!
  6. Restart HCC
  7. Update HCC again as described in step 2.
And your done!  Feel free to check out our Online Istaria Database!