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Istaria Mods

The following Mods to Istaria were created by other players, and is highly recommended for All players

Kaex’s Blight Dragon (Download from Istaria.info)
Katscratch’s Map Pack (as updated by Cegaiel) (Download from Istaria.info) Dec 1, 2011 Update
RuneDragoon’s Ebon Dralk (Download from Istaria.info)
Soraii’s Hi-Rez Dragons + Solitaire’s Teeth Whitener (as compiled by Firebrand) (Download from Istaria.info)
Tazoon’s Setscale
  • Gives you the /setscale command that allows you to resize objects from .25 to 2 times their normal size. Perfect for looting!
    • In your Istaria install folder, open up resources
    • open Commands_Players.def
    • Between any of the } and the // on the following line, paste the following
    • // setscale { string name = “setscale” string usage = “<pref name> <pref value>” string description = “” int numParams = 1 int minParams = 1 }
    • Save and exit.
    • “How to engage /Setscale” by Khoal
Tramsan’s Floating Resource Name (Download from istaria.info)
Valornyx’s Icon Pack (Download from Istaria.info)
Zexoin’s and Firebrand’s Sounds Emote Pack (Download from Istaria.info)

 These are Extra mods you can use just for fun or a change of pace!

Blue Hasia’s Dragon Armor (Download from Istaria.info)
Blue Hasia’s Fuzzy Mod (Download from Istaria.info)
Blue Hasia’s XXemote Pack (Download from Istaria.info)
  • Allows you to use animations without their default emotes
Solitaire’s Sit Mod (Download from Istaria.info)

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